Cyprian of Toulon, St.

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Bishop; d. Toulon, France, c. 54349. caesarius of arles consecrated Cyprian bishop of Toulon (before 517). His signature is recorded for a number of synods: the first, Arles (524), and the last, Orléans (541). At the synods of Orange (529) and Valence (c. 529), semipelagianism found in him a vigorous opponent. Disciple, friend, and stanch supporter of Caesarius, he is the principal author (among several collaborators) of the Vitas. Caesarii, accepted by critics of medieval hagiography as "an exceedingly precious monument of history." Also extant is a letter, dated 530, from Cyprian to Bp. Maximus of Geneva that gives evidence of Cyprian's orthodoxy on certain moot theological questions of the day.

Feast: Oct. 3.

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