Carvalho, Mordecai Baruch

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CARVALHO, MORDECAI BARUCH (c. 1705–1785), Tunisian rabbi and author. Carvalho was one of the most distinguished pupils of Isaac *Lumbroso. He served with him as a dayyan of the community of Leghorn in Tunis, and later became his successor (1752). He wrote: (1) To'afot Re'em, a supercommentary on the commentaries of Rashi and Elijah *Mizraḥi on the Pentateuch (Leghorn, 1761–62), in which he quoted various scholars, including his son Isaac, whose work, Ḥayyei Yiẓḥak, he also published as an appendix to his own book; (2) Me'ira Dakhya (Leghorn, 1792), glosses and novellae to various talmudic tractates as well as notes to Maimonides' Yad.


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Carvalho, Mordecai Baruch

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