Canadell Quintana, Enrique, Bl.

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Martyr, religious of the Order of Poor Clerics Regular of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools (Piarists);b. June 29, 1890, Olat, Gerona, Spain; d. in the night Aug. 1718, 1936. Enrique was a Piarist from the community of Our Lady of Barcelona, who was especially devoted to the Real Presence in the Eucharist. At the start of the Revolution, he fled to his sister's house in Olat. There he spent his days reading and praying. On the night of Aug. 17 some soldiers arrived, arrested him, and took him away in a car. During the journey, the soldiers cruelly beat him with their rifle butts. About ten kilometers down the road, they stopped the car, ordered him out, and shot him near Castelfullit. He was beatified on Oct. 1, 1995 by Pope John Paul II together with 12 other Piarists (see pamplona, dionisio and companions, bb.).

Feast: Sept. 22.

Bibliography: "Decreto Super Martyrio," Acta Apostolicae Sedis (1995): 651656. La Documentation Catholique 2125 (Nov. 5, 1995): 924.

[l. gendernalik/eds.]

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Canadell Quintana, Enrique, Bl.

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