Bueno, Isaac Abraham

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BUENO, ISAAC ABRAHAM (17th century), Jerusalem rabbi. Bueno studied under Isaac Zabaḥ, an eminent Jerusalem scholar. His signature appears before that of Moses ibn *Ḥabib on an attestation of 1627. In 1680, he was in Leghorn, where he gave his approval to a halakhic decision of Jacob *Sasportas (Oholei Ya'akov (1737), no. 50), and Sasportas corresponded with him in connection with his bitter dispute with the communal leaders of Leghorn. Bueno wrote Shullḥan Melakhim (in manuscript) on Oraḥ Ḥayyim and Yoreh De'ah, in which he incorporated the customs of Jerusalem as well as a selection from the novellae of Jacob *Castro. The work was used to a considerable extent by Jerusalem scholars in succeeding generations, among them Naḥman Nathan *Coronel, in his Zekher Natan.


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Bueno, Isaac Abraham

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