Boshal (Bostal), Moses ben Solomon

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BOSHAL (BOSTAL), MOSES BEN SOLOMON (17th century), rabbi. Brought to Safed from Sidon by his father when he was 12 years old, Moses studied there with important rabbis. At age 25, when forced to leave because of a series of calamitous events, Moses moved to Rhodes, becoming a rabbi in that community. His only extant work, Yismaḥ Moshe (Smyrna, 1675), written after years of preaching every Sabbath and holiday, contains several sermons for each Sabbath or festival Torah reading. The sermons are primarily commentaries on the Torah text, although explanations of midrashic literature, which he frequently employed, are also found. From his quotations from the Zohar in the introduction to the book – where he also includes an autobiography – Moses appears to have been familiar with kabbalistic literature. Another unpublished work, Simḥat Moshe, is mentioned in the proofreader's introduction to Yismaḥ Moshe.


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Boshal (Bostal), Moses ben Solomon

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