Boskovich, Alexander (Urijah)

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Boskovich, Alexander (Urijah) (b Cluj, Transylvania, 1907; d Tel Aviv, 1964). Romanian-born Israeli composer, conductor, and pianist. Cond. Cluj State Opera 1930–8. Emigrated to Palestine 1938, teaching at Tel Aviv Acad. 1945–64. Mus. critic, Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz 1955–64. Comps. incl. suite, The Golden Chain (1937); vn. conc. (1942); ob. conc. (1943, rev. 1960); Semitic Suite, orch. (1946–7); Daughter of Israel, cantata (1960); Concerto da camera, vn., 10 instr. (1962); and The Hidden Light (Ha'or haganuz), oratorio (1964).