Borodavka (Brodavka), Isaac

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BORODAVKA (Brodavka), ISAAC (16th-century), tax farmer and merchant living in Brest-Litovsk. A grant issued by King Sigismund August in 1560 entitled Borodavka and his associates to collect the duties on goods and merchandise passing through Minsk, Vilna, Novgorod, Brest, and Grodno for seven years. He was granted the salt monopoly for a similar term in 1561 and was permitted to build distilleries with a monopoly of production in Bielsk, Narva, and Kleszczele; in 1569 the Vilna mint was transferred to his control. These concessions excited the envy of Christian competitors, who instigated *blood libels against certain tax collectors employed by Borodavka. Although the charges proved groundless, one of the accused, Bernat Abramovich, paid with his life. The king consequently directed that henceforth all such accusations be made before the crown, and that those who made false accusations would be punished.


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