Berthold of Garsten, Bl.

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Benedictine, first abbot of Garsten (Germany); d. July 27, 1142. He was descended from a family of ministeriales, probably Swabian. He became a monk at sankt blasien and rose to position of subprior. He was prior at gÖttweig (1107) and abbot of Garsten (111142); the abbey flourished as a center of reform under his guidance. He was a strict but loving master in enforcing monastic observances. Humble, much given to prayer and the ascetical life, he was noted for charity to the poor and much sought as a wise and helpful confessor. Miracles at his grave in the monastery church made it a place of pilgrimage; a decree of canonization was issued by the bishop of Passau, July 16, 1236. Hearings on the recognition of his cult began in Rome in 1951; the cult was approved as a beatus.

Feast: July 27.

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Berthold of Garsten, Bl.

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