Berger, Lili

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BERGER, LILI (1916–1996), Yiddish author and essayist. Born in Malkin, Poland, Berger settled in Paris in 1936, where she married the Jewish Communist leader Louis Gronowski. In 1949 she returned to Warsaw where she began publishing articles and stories in both Yiddish and Polish, followed by collections of literary criticism, short stories, and novels. In 1968 she resumed her literary activity in Paris. Many of her articles and essays are personal recollections replete with historical detail. Her award-winning fiction reflects the Polish Jewish experience in the 20th century. Among her books are Ekhos fun a Vaytn Nekhtn ("Echoes from Long Ago," 1986); Eseyen un Skitsn ("Essays and Sketches," 1965); Fun Vayt un Noent ("From Far and Near," 1978); In Loyf fun Tsayt ("In the Course of Time," 1988); Oyf di Khvalyes fun Goyrl ("On the Waves of Fate," 1986).


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[Vivian Felsen (2nd ed.)]