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BEREZOVKA , town in Odessa district, Ukraine. A Jewish community was established there by the first half of the 19th century. On April 26–27, 1881, the Jews were attacked in a pogrom and out of the 161 buildings owned by Jews only the synagogue and pharmacy were undamaged. The local population prevented another pogrom from occurring in October 1905. The Jewish population numbered 3,458 (56.2%) in 1897 and 3,223 (42.6%) in 1926, dropping to 1,424 in 1939. During the Soviet period Jews were employed in artisan cooperatives and Jewish kolkhozes. A Yiddish elementary school, a Yiddish evening school, a club, and a library were in operation. Berezovka was taken by the Germans on August 10, 1941. On August 14 they murdered 41 Jews and on August 25 another 100. By September, 211 were dead. Subsequently the town was included in Romanian Transnistria, and Jews from Bessarabia and Odessa were deported to the Berezovka area, with nearly 7,000 perishing.


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