Berg, Bob (actually, Robert)

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Berg, Bob (actually, Robert)

Berg, Bob (actually, Robert), American jazz tenor saxophonist; b. N.Y., April 7, 1951. Berg’s reputation as a world class tenor player has been carefully constructed through stints with Miles Davis and Chick Corea, as well as his own groups, including a fusion band he co- leads with long time collaborator, guitarist Mike Stern. While at Juilliard, Berg was offered a tour with organist Jack McDuff, which launched his career as a jazz musician. In 1973 he joined Horace Silver’s band and remained there for three years. Pianist Cedar Waiton’s quartet, Eastern Rebellion was Berg’s next stop, where he replaced George Coleman for nearly five years. In 1984 Berg joined Miles Davis for three years, touring the world with the Davis group. After leaving Davis, he embarked on a solo recording career, as well as an ongoing collaboration with guitarist Mike Stern. Concurrently, from 1992–96, Berg was part of Chick Corea’s Acoustic Quartet, also recording for Corea’s Stretch Records. A free-jazz player with energy and style in the 1960s, Berg assimilated the Coltrane influence and became a respected orthodox hard-bop soloist in the 1970s. When he joined Davis in the mid-1980s, he began playing fusion music as well. His later releases successfully balance traditional and contemporary elements.


Short Stories (1988); Cycles (1989); In the Shadows (1990); Backroads (1991); Games (1992); Virtual Reality (1993); Riddles (1994); Steppin’—Live in Europe (1994); Another Standard (1997); Enter the Spirit (1997).

—Bret Primack