Bäumer, Suitbert

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Liturgist; b. Leuchtenburg, Rhineland, March 28, 1845; d. Freiburg im Breisgau, Aug. 12, 1894. He became a monk of Beuron in 1865, was ordained in 1869, and studied at Bonn and Tübingen. Sojourning in Belgium and England during the Kulturkampf (187590), he served as liturgical consultant to Desclée in Tournai for its editions of the Missal, monastic Breviary, the Vulgate, etc. He wrote numerous works on liturgy, patristics, and the history of monasticism. His most influential work was Geschichte des Breviers (Freiburg 1895), which was revised and enlarged in the French edition by R. Biron (2v. Paris 1905).

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