Baumeister, Reinhard

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Baumeister, Reinhard (1833–1917). German engineer and architectural and town-planning theorist. His Stadt-Erweiterungen in technischer, baupolizeilicher, und wirtschaftlicher Beziehung (Enlargement of Towns from the technical, local government, and economic points of view), published in Berlin (1876), attempted to establish a rational scientific basis for urban design. He designed several railways in South-West Germany in the 1860s and 1870s, laid out the Ringstrasse, Wiesbaden (1871), and designed the hospital in Karlsruhe (1888–90). His main concerns were to find a balance between freedom to build and official interference with individuals' right to build, and to promote ‘artistic’; town planning, anticipating ideas of Sitte.


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Baumeister, Reinhard

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