Baumol, William J.

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BAUMOL, William J.

BAUMOL, William J. American, b. 1922. Genres: Economics. Career: Professor Emeritus of Economics and Senior Research Economist, Princeton University, NJ (joined faculty, 1949). Professor of Economics, New York University, NYC, 1971-. President, Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, and Eastern Economic Association, 1978-79, American Economic Association, 1981, and Atlantic Economic Society, 1985. Publications: Economic Dynamics, 1951; Welfare Economics and the Theory of the State, 1952, rev. ed., 2001; (with L.V. Chandler) Economic Processes and Policies, 1954; Business Behavior, Value and Growth, 1959, rev. ed., 1966; Economic Theory and Operations Analysis, 1961, 4th ed., 1976; The Stock Market and Economic Efficiency, 1965; (with W.G. Bowen) Performing Arts: The Economic Dilemma, 1966; Portfolio Theory, 1970; (with M. Marcus) Economics of Academic Libraries, 1973; (with W.E. Oates) The Theory of Environmental Policy, 1974; (with W.E. Oates and S.A. Batey Blackman) Economics, Environmental Policy, and the Quality of Life, 1978; (with A.S. Blinder) Economics: Principles and Policy, 1979, 6th ed., 1994; (with J.C. Panzar and R.D. Willig) Contestable Markets and the Theory of Industry Structure, 1982; Superfairness, 1986; Microtheory, 1986; (with L. Osberg and E.N. Wolff) The Information Economy and the Implications of Unbalanced Growth, 1989; (with S.A. Batey Blackman and E.N. Wolff) Productivity and American Leadership, 1989; (with S.M. Goldfeld et al.) Economics of Mutual Fund Markets, 1990; (with S.A. Batey Blackman) Perfect Markets and Easy Virtue, 1991; Entrepreneurship, Management & the Structure of Payoffs, 1993; (with G. Sidak) Toward Competition in Local Telephony, 1994; (with G. Sidak) Transmission Pricing and Stranded Costs in the Electric Power Industry, 1995. EDITOR: (with S.M. Goldfeld) Precursors in Mathematical Economics, 1968; Public and Private Enterprise in a Mixed Economy, 1980; (with H. Baumol) Inflation and the Performing Arts, 1984; (with K. McLennan) Productivity Growth and U.S. Competitiveness, 1985; (with R.R. Nelson & E.N. Wolff) Convergence of Productivity, 1994; (with W.E. Becker) Assessing Educational Practices, 1995; (with A.S. Bloinder) Microeconomics: Principles and Policy, 1996. Address: Dept. of Economics, New York University, 269 Mercer St, New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.