Aurelius and Sabigotona, Ss.

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Martyrs; b. Córdoba, c. 820; d. Córdoba, July 27, 852. From Christian-Moslem homes, they lived as Christians in secret before and after their marriage. When the persecution of Christians began in 851, they devoted themselves to asceticism and chastity. They placed their two young daughters in the care of a monastery, and with their relatives Felix and Liliosa, let their faith be known publicly. Both couples were tried before the cadi and imprisoned before execution. At the same time George, a monk from Jerusalem, was slain for his denunciation of the prophet Mohammed. The relics of the five martyrs were buried in and near Córdoba. In 858 usuard and Odilard translated relics of Aurelius, Sabigotona (or Natalia), and George to Paris. Usuard included the five martyrs in his martyrology on August 27, but they are included in the Roman Martyrology on October 20 (translation) and July 27.

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