Arndt, Adolf

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ARNDT, ADOLF (1849–1926), German jurist. He was born in Freienwalde, Pomerania, joined the administration of Mines in 1877 as legal adviser, and eventually became deputy director of the Mining Bureau in Halle. He taught at the universities of Halle and Koenigsberg, of which he became rector in 1904; after his retirement, he served as honorary professor at the universities of Frankfurt-on-Main and Marburg. Arndt also practiced criminal law and, together with Hellweg, edited Deutsche Strafgesetzgebung (German Criminal Law). He exercised considerable influence on the development of German constitutional and administrative law. His publications include Die Verfassungsurkunde fuer den preussischen Staat… (1886) and Verfassung des Deutschen Reichs (1895). His son, adolf arndt (1904–1974), was a jurist as well and a leading member of the German Social Democratic Party and a member of the German Bundestag from 1949 to 1964.


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