Arndt, Heinz Wolfgang

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ARNDT, Heinz Wolfgang

ARNDT, Heinz Wolfgang. Australian (born Germany), b. 1915. Genres: Economics. Career: Professor Emeritus of Economics, Australian National University, Canberra, since 1980 (Professor of Economics, School of General Studies, 1951-63, and Research School of Pacific Studies, 1963-80). Ed., Asian-Pacific Economic Literature, since 1986. Visiting Fellow, National Centre for Development Studies, since 1981. President, Economic Society for Australia and New Zealand, 1957-59, and Australian Association for Cultural Freedom, 1977-86; Economic Consultant, UN Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, 1960; Deputy Director, Country Studies Division, OECD, Paris, 1972; Member, Governing Council, UN Asian Institute, Bangkok, 1969-76. Ed., Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 1965-84; Distinguished fellow, Australian Economic Society, 1994. Publications: The Economic Lessons of the Nineteen-Thirties, 1944, 1963, 1993; Labour and Economic Policy, 1956; The Australian Trading Banks, 1957, 3rd ed. with C.P. Harris, 1965; 4th ed. with D.W. Stammer, 1973; 5th ed. with W.J. Blackert; The Banks and the Capital Market, 1960; (ed. with W.M. Corden) The Australian Economy: A Volume of Readings, 1963, 1972; (co-author) Taxation in Australia: Agenda for Reform, 1964; (co-author) Some Factors in Economic Growth in Europe During the 1950s, 1964; (with J. Panglaykim) The Indonesian Economy: Facing a New Era?, 1966; A Small Rich Industrial Country: Studies in Australian Development, Aid and Trade, 1968; Australia and Asia: Economic Essays 1972; (ed. with A.H. Boxer) The Australian Economy: A Second Volume of Readings, 1972; (co-author) Australia: OECD Annual Survey, 1973; The Rise and Fall of Economic Growth, 1978, 1984; The Indonesian Economy: Collected Papers, 1984; A Course through Life: Memoirs of an Australian Economist, 1985; Economic Development: The History of an Idea, 1987; Asian Diaries, 1987; Indonesian Economic Development: As Seen by a Neighbour (in Indonesian), 1992; (with G.P. Sicat) Economics in the Indonesian Context (in Indonesian), 1992; Fifty Years of Development Studies, 1993; Essays in International Economics 1944-1994, 1996. Died 2002.