Aper of Toul, St.

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Also called Aprus, Apre, Epvre, Evre, bishop; b. Trancault, Diocese of Troyes, in the fifth century; d. c. 507. Aper was the seventh bishop of Toul. A late, formalized vita gives his birthplace and states that he served seven years as bishop. The only positive information furnished by this life (aside from the account of his miraculous liberation of three prisoners of the common law of Chalon-sur-Saône) is his construction of a basilica in honor of St. Maurice at the gates of Toul. Aper was buried in this basilica, which bore his name as early as 626 or 627 and which later became famous as the Abbey of Saint-Aper. The cult of the bishop is widespread in the ancient See of Toul and in several neighboring dioceses.

Feast: Sept. 15.

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