Amantius of Rodez, St.

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Bishop of Rodez, France; fl. 5th century. Nothing is known of his life and episcopate beyond the fame of his miracles. His name seems to be first known for the See of Rodez where he was bishop before 471, when Euric (d. 484), king of the visigoths, took the city. His biography, attributed falsely to fortunatus, is from at least the 7th, probably the 9th century, and is not trustworthy. A near successor in Rodez, quinctian of clermont, who attended the synod of Agde in 506, paid great honor to his relics, building a church over his tomb.

Feast: Nov. 1 and 13 (Martyrology of St. Jerome), Nov. 4 (Roman Martyrology).

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