Amar y Borbón, Antonio (1742–1826)

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Amar y Borbón, Antonio (1742–1826)

Antonio Amar y Borbón (b. March 1742; d. 26 April 1826), viceroy of New Granada (1803–1810). Amar y Borbón had a distinguished career in Spanish military service before becoming viceroy of New Granada in 1803. A conscientious ruler, he was generally well liked during the first part of his administration. After 1808, however, he faced creole demands for the establishment of American juntas to assume rule during the captivity in France of King Ferdinand VII. When such a junta was created in Quito (1809), he was unable to suppress it, in part because he had to deal with the same demands in Bogotá. He first sought to head off the junta movement there, while the viceroy of Peru saw to Quito. But as conditions in Spain deteriorated further with further French advances, a junta was formed in Bogotá on 20 July 1810. Largely as a figurehead, the viceroy was made a member and then deposed five days later. Expelled from the colony, he returned to Spain and remained there until his death.

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