Adarbi, Isaac ben Samuel

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ADARBI, ISAAC BEN SAMUEL (1510?–1584?), rabbi and halakhic authority. Adarbi was preacher of the congregation of Lisbon Jews in Salonika and later rabbi of the Congregation Shalom, Salonika (before 1554). He was a disciple of Joseph *Taitaẓak (whose novellae he published as an appendix to his own work) and was a colleague of Samuel b. Moses de Medina. His efforts to unite the various Salonikan communities were reflected in his Divrei Shalom (Salonika, 1580), a collection of 30 of his sermons. He appended homiletic comments to the Pentateuch, some chapters of which (on Exodus) are preserved in the Guenzburg Manuscripts (Moscow) No. 158. Four hundred and thirty of his responsa were published in Divrei Rivot (Salonika, 1581; republished Venice, 1587; Sudzilkon, 1833). These responsa show that he was a halakhist of distinction, fearless in his judgments, and often differing in his decisions from Samuel de Medina, who in his turn attributed hostile personal motives to Adarbi (Responsa Maharashdam, Ḥm No. 40). Nevertheless, they approved each other's halakhic rulings.


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