Adcock, Danny 1948–

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ADCOCK, Danny 1948–


Born 1948, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.




Film Appearances:

Policeman, The Cars That Ate Paris (also known as Cars and Cars That Eat People), Paramount, 1974.

Trooper Hayes, Lost in the Wild (also known as Barney), 1976.

Bus driver, The Earthling, 1980.

Thomas, Kitty and the Bagman, Paramount, 1982.

Jingles, On the Run, United Artists, 1982.

Brown, We of the Never Never, Triumph Releasing, 1982.

John Meadows, Early Frost, 1982.

Ray, Fran, 1985.

Mitchell, Quigley Down Under, Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer/United Artists, 1990.

James Dean, Resistance, Angelika, 1992.

ASIO detective, Joey, 1997.

Ispector Higgs, Get Rich Quick, Vivo Films, 2004.

Bilko, A Family Legacy (short film), 2005.

Television Appearances; Movies:

ASIO agent, Deadline, Nine Network, 1982.

Cody: A Family Affair, Seven Network, 1994.

Athol Callaghan, Halifax f.p.: Swimming with Sharks, 1999.

Studds, Airtight, UPN, 1999.

Television Appearances; Series:

P.O. "Buffer" Johnston, Patrol Boat, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1979.

Duncan Adams, Arcade, Ten Network, 1980.

The Coral Island, ITV, 1981.

The Bush Gang, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1981.

Geoff Carlson, a recurring role, Prisoner, Ten Network, 1982–83.

Joe Parker, Sons and Daughters, Seven Network, 1982.

Firefighter Danny "Nugget" Hunt, Fire, 1995–96.

Barry Baxter, a recurring role, Blue Heelers, Seven Network, 2004.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Lloyd Ross, True Believers, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1988.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Donald, "North of the Headland," Riptide, Seven Network, 1969.

Don Reilly, "Once a Killer," Homicide, Seven Network, 1970.

Des Giles, "Patterson's Curse," Homicide, Seven Network, 1970.

Les Baker, "Twenty Six Hours," Matlock Police, Ten Network, 1971.

Bob Miller, "The Acquittal," Homicide, Seven Network, 1971.

Thomas, "Heroes' Day," Matlock Police, Ten Network, 1971.

Stevens, "No Short Cuts," Division 4, Nine Network, 1971.

Kevin O'Brien, "Millbank Nugget," Matlock Police, Ten Network, 1971.

Radio operator, "The Trader," Spyforce, Nine Network, 1971.

Nipper Cameron, "Bent Law," Division 4, Nine Network, 1971.

Woodsie, "A Continental Gentleman," Division 4, Nine Network, 1972.

"Blue" Fisher, "Anti–Gravity," Homicide, Seven Network, 1972.

Tony Carr, "Boney Meets the Daybreak Killer," Boney, Seven Network, 1972.

Len Barker, "If Marie Dies, the World Stops," Matlock Police, Ten Network, 1972.

KennyHudson, "Senior Stewart," Division 4, Nine Network, 1972.

Jeff Miller, "Skeleton Key," Homicide, Seven Network, 1973.

Mike Chapman, "Collision Course," Matlock Police, Ten Network, 1973.

"The Monkey Game," Division 4, Nine Network, 1973.

Neil Freeman, "I Killed Amanda Clarke," Homicide, Seven Network, 1973.

Alex Andrews, "Sky High," Matlock Police, Ten Network, 1973.

Harry Fisher, "There's Going to Be a War," Ryan, 1974.

Jimmy Logan, "Have a Good Weekend," Matlock Police, Ten Network, 1975.

Frank Gardiner, "Big Fish, Small Fry," Division 4, Nine Network, 1975.

Dave Coburn, "Outside Chance," Homicide, Seven Network, 1976.

"Final Curtain," King's Men, Nine Network, 1976.

Ben Salter, "Mrs. Peter Ramsay," Young Ramsay, Seven Network, 1978.

"Smoke out at Wombat Crescent," Kingswood Country, Seven Network, 1981.

Detective Donnolly, "I Know Where She's Gone: Parts 1&2," A Country Practice, Seven Network, 1982.

Graham Randall, "The Reckoning: Parts 1 & 2," A Country Practice, Seven Network, 1983.

Tommy Ambrose, "From This Day Forward: Parts 1 & 2," A Country Practice, Seven Network, 1983.

Charlie Simmons, E Street, Ten Network, 1991.

Antec Strzelecki, "Family: Parts 1 & 2," A Country Practice, Seven Network, 1992.

Jarrod Banks, "High Country Justice," Snowy River: The McGregor Saga, Nine Network and The Family Channel, 1995.

Gordon Macleay, Home and Away, Seven Network, 1998.

Rhys "Kegs" Keagan, "Blood Relations," Water Rats, Nine Network, 1999.

T'raltixx, "Crackers Don't Matter," Farscape, Sci–Fi Channel, 2000.

Alan Slater, "All the Sons and Daughters," All Saints, Seven Network, 2001.

Co–Kura Strappa, "Losing Time," Farscape, Sci–Fi Channel, 2001.

Co–Kura Strappa, "Incubator," Farscape, Sci–Fi Channel, 2001.

Co–Kura Strappa, "Into the Lion's Den: Parts 1 & 2," Farscape, Sci–Fi Channel, 2001.

Damien Broadbent, "Cops and Robbers," Stingers, 2004.