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Nā-ro-pa/ Nāropa or Nāḍapāda/ Nāroṭa-pa (1016–1100). Pupil of Ti-lo-pa, and teacher of Marpa, through whom his teachings (and Six Doctrines, Nāro chos drug) passed into Tibet. Nā-ro-pa was born in Bengal, but received a Buddhist education in Kashmir and at Nālandā. In 1057, he set out in search of a teacher whose name, Ti-lo-pa, had been given to him in a dream. When Ti-lo-pa appeared, the great instruction began. In this, a great severity of discipline continued, and Ti-lo-pa passed on the (mainly) yogic practices which were in turn passed on to Nā-ro-pa's followers. His teaching is contained in a number of works attributed to him.