ʿAmr ibn al-ʿAṣ

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ʿAmr ibn al-ʿAṣ (d. 663 (AH 42)). Muslim statesman. A Qurayshite, ʿAmr was a late convert to Islam, but the Prophet Muḥammad recognized his talents and immediately sent him as an envoy to Oman where he met with great success. His real fame rests as the conqueror of Egypt during ʿUmar's caliphate. He held Egypt by his political skills and even seems to have gained the support of the Coptic Church. At the battle of Siffin, ʿAmr commanded Muʿawiyyah's cavalry against ʿAlī, and devised the plan of arbitration by Qurʾān. Muʿawiyyah rewarded ʿAmr's faithful service by appointing him governor of Egypt, where he remained until his death.