White River

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White River:1 River, c.690 mi (1,110 km) long, rising in the Boston Mts., NW Ark., and flowing first N into SW Missouri, then generally SE through NE Arkansas to the Mississippi River. Its chief tributaries are the Black and Little Red rivers. Near its mouth, the White is joined to the Arkansas River by a cutoff channel. The White is navigable for shallow-draft vessels c.300 mi (480 km) upstream. Bull Shoals Dam (completed 1957), Table Rock Dam (1959), and Beaver Dam (1965) are major projects on the river. Bull Shoals Lake (111 sq mi/288 sq km), on the Ark.–Mo. line, is the largest reservoir. 2 River, 307 mi (494 km) long, rising near Muncie, E Ind., and flowing SW through Indianapolis to the Wabash River. With the White East Fork (282 mi/454 km long), its chief tributary, the White drains much of S Indiana. 3 River, 507 mi (816 km) long, rising in NW Nebraska and flowing N then E through S South Dakota to the Missouri River near Chamberlain. It drains much of the Badlands.