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Shrirangapattana (shrē´rŭng´gəpŭt´ənə), formerly Srirangapatna (srē´rŭng´gəpŭt´nə), town (1991 pop. 21,905), Karnataka state, S India, on an island in the Kaveri River. There are Hindu monuments, some built in the 13th cent. Most of the large buildings date from the 17th and 18th cent., when the city was the capital of Mysore (now Karnataka). The greatest builder was Tippoo Sahib, who left a large mosque, a summer palace, and a mausoleum, where he and his father, Haidar Ali, are buried. The importance of Srirangapatna declined after its capture (1799) by the British in a battle in which Tippoo was killed.