Shrout, Richard Neil

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SHROUT, Richard Neil

SHROUT, Richard Neil. American, b. 1931. Genres: Adult non-fiction. Career: Youth For Christ International, representative in the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, and Peru, 1954-62; Dade County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Miami, FL, correctional officer and juvenile probation officer with Spanish-speaking delinquents, 1962-65; International Institute for Hypnosis Studies, Miami, clinical hypnotherapist and consultant to health professionals and agencies, 1966-81; writer, 1984-. Publications: TEXTBOOKS: Principles and Techniques of Hypnotism, 1971; Hypnology: Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis, 3 vols, 1981; Survey of Hypnology, 3 vols, 1982; Abnormal Psychology, 1982; Diencephalic Physiology and Psychosomatic Disorders, 1982; Ericksonian Hypnotherapy: A Critique, 1982; Medical Terminology Simplified, 1982; Psycholinguistics and the Collective Unconscious, 1982; Psychodynamics, 1982; Socio-Medical Hypnosis, 1982; Symptomatology and Psychopathology, 1982. NONFICTION: Self Improvement through Self Hypnosis, 1985; Modern Scientific Hypnosis, 1985; Resource Directory for the Disabled: Mobility Impaired, Vision Impaired, and Hearing Impaired, 1991. Contributor to journals, periodicals, anthologies, and detective magazines. Shrout's works have been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, and Portuguese. Address: 248 Linwood, Miami Springs, FL 33166-4935, U.S.A.