Rulers of Spain since 1474 ( (table))

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Rulers of Spain since 1474

Rulers of Spain since 1474
(including dates of reign)
Union of Castile and Aragón
Isabella I (of Castile), ruled jointly with Ferdinand II (of Aragón), 1474–1504
Ferdinand II, ruled jointly with Isabella I as Ferdinand V of Castile, 1474–1504; ruled Aragón only, 1504–16; ruled Castile as regent, 1506–16
Hapsburg Dynasty
Joanna (the Mad), daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella; ruled Castile only (jointly with Philip I in 1506), 1504–6
Philip I (the Handsome), son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I; ruled Castile jointly with Joanna, 1506
Charles I (Holy Roman Emperor Charles V), son of Joanna and Philip, 1516–56
Philip II, son of Charles I, 1556–98
Philip III, son of Philip II, 1598–1621
Philip IV, son of Philip III, 1621–65
Charles II, son of Philip IV, 1665–1700
Bourbon Dynasty
Philip V, great-grandson of Philip IV, 1700–1746
Ferdinand VI, son of Philip V, 1746–59
Charles III, younger son of Philip V, 1759–88
Charles IV, second son of Charles III, 1788–1808
Ferdinand VII, son of Charles IV, 1808
French Intrusion
Joseph Bonaparte, 1808–13
Bourbon Restoration
Ferdinand VII, restored, 1813–33
Isabella II, daughter of Ferdinand VII, 1833–68
Elective Monarchy
Francisco Serrano y Domínguez, regent, 1869–70
Amadeus, elected by a constituent assembly, 1870–73
First Republic
Estanislao Figueras, president, 1873
Francisco Pi y Margall, president, 1873
Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso, president, 1873
Emilio Castelar y Ripoll, prime minister, 1873–74
Bourbon Restoration
Alfonso XII, son of Isabella II, 1874–85
Alfonso XIII, son of Alfonso XII, 1886–1931
Second Republic
Niceta Alcalá Zamora, president, 1931–36
Manuel Azaña, president, 1936–39
Nationalist Government
Francisco Franco, chief of state, 1939–75
Constitutional Monarchy
Juan Carlos I, grandson of Alfonso XIII, 1975–2014
Philip VI, son of Juan Carlos I, 2014–