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Rallis, Greek political family. Dimitrios Rallis, 1844–1921, a three-time premier, he was first in the office in May–Oct., 1897. Although he managed to arrange an armistice between Greece and Turkey over Crete, he was dismissed by King George I when he refused to accept the conditions of peace put forward by the European powers. During his other two terms (July–Dec., 1903, and July–Aug., 1909) he attempted to reconcile Greece with Turkey and to adopt military and economic reforms. His son, Ioannis Dimitriou Rallis, 1878–1946, also known as John Rallis, was a collaborationist premier under the Nazis during World War II. After the war he received a life sentence, and died in prison. Dimitrios' grandson, Georgios Ioannou Rallis, 1918–2006, also known as George John Rallis, was a major political figure in Greece's New Democracy party. After holding several ministerial posts during the 1950s and 60s, he was arrested by the military junta that took power in 1967 and was internally exiled for a time. Politically active again after democracy was restored (1974), he became premier (1980–81).