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Pereslavl-Zalesski (pĕrēəslä´vəl-zəlyĕs´kē), city, central European Russia. It is the birthplace of Alexander Nevsky, and it relies on tourism. The city was founded in 1152, was included in the Suzdal principality, and from 1175 to 1302 was the capital of an independent principality; it passed to Moscow in 1302. The city is on Lake Pleshcheyevo (19 sq mi/49 sq km), where Peter I built the first ships of the Russian navy. Remains of the flotilla are in a nearby museum. Architectural remains include the earthen rampart of a fortress (founded 1152), the white stone Spaso-Preobrazhenski Cathedral (1152–57), the largest preserved monument of the 12th cent. in the area, and the Nikitski Cathedral (1561–64). The city was formerly called Pereyaslavl-Zalesski, and the lake was known as Lake Pereyaslavl.