Nemours, Louis Charles Philippe Raphaël d'Orléans, duc de

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Louis Charles Philippe Raphaël d'Orléans Nemours, duc de (lwē shärl fēlēp´ räfäĕl´ dôrlāäN´ dük də nəmōōr´), 1814–96, French prince; second son of King Louis Philippe. In 1831 he was offered the throne of Belgium, but Louis Philippe declined for him in order to avoid antagonizing Great Britain. He fought in Algeria and was active (1842–48) in the chamber of peers. After the February Revolution of 1848 he lived in England. He helped to effect a rapprochement between the legitimist pretender, the comte de Chambord, and the Orleanist pretender, his nephew Louis Philippe Albert d'Orléans. He returned to France in 1871.