Nenette and Boni

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Nenette and Boni ★★★ 1996

Boni (Colin) is a 19-year-old pizza chef in Marseilles who likes to have sexual fantasies about the local baker's sensuous wife (Bruni-Tedeschi). His life is basically carefree until his pregnant, rebellious 15-year-old sister Nenette (Houri) shows up at his door, having run away from school. Nenette really doesn't want to deal with the pregnancy until Boni forces her to do so and, just to make the teens lives more complicated, their estranged small-time gangster dad (Nolot) has learned about Nenette's condition and wants to help her out. Fine performances. French with subtitles. 103m/C VHS . FR Gregoire Colin, Alice Houri, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Jacques Nolot, Vincent Gallo, Gerard Meylan, Alex Descas, Jamila Farah, Christine Gaya; D: Claire Denis; W: Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau; C: Agnes Godard.