Fabritius, Carel

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Carel Fabritius (kär´əl fäbrēt´sēŏŏs), 1622–54, Dutch painter; pupil and outstanding follower of Rembrandt. His early death in the explosion of a powder magazine at Delft cut short a career of great promise. Among his few remarkable works are Portrait of a Man (Rotterdam); The Goldfinch (The Hague); and View of Delft (National Gall., London). He is thought to have had a strong influence on Vermeer. His brother Barent Fabritius (bär´ənt), 1624–73, worked in a similar though less accomplished manner, influenced by Maes as well as Rembrandt. Barent's portrait of the Van der Helm family (1655) is in the Rijksmuseum.

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