Coquerel, Athanase Laurent Charles

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Athanase Laurent Charles Coquerel (ätänäz´ lōräN´ shärl kôkrĕl´), 1795–1868, French Protestant clergyman, noted for his eloquence as a preacher. From 1832 he was pastor of the Reformed Church in Paris. He founded and edited liberal periodicals. Among his publications are Biographie sacrée (1825–26), L'Orthodoxie moderne (1842), and Christologie (1858). His son Athanase Josué Coquerel, 1820–75, was also a well-known Protestant minister in Paris. From 1849 to 1870 he edited the Lien. In 1852 he helped to found the Nouvelle Revue de théologie. Among his works are Jean Calas et sa famille (1857) and Histoire de l'Église réformée de Paris (1860).