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pros·per / ˈpräspər/ • v. [intr.] succeed in material terms; be financially successful: his business prospered the nation plans to prosper from free trade with the U.S. ∎  flourish physically; grow strong and healthy: areas where gray squirrels cannot prosper. ∎  [tr.] archaic make successful: God has wonderfully prospered this nation.

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prosperAgrippa, chipper, clipper, dipper, equipper, flipper, gripper, hipper, kipper, nipper, Pippa, ripper, shipper, sipper, skipper, slipper, stripper, tipper, tripper, whipper, zipper •crimper, shrimper, simper, whimper, Whymper •crisper, whisper •mudskipper • caliper • Philippa •juniper • gossiper •worshipper (US worshiper) •griper, piper, sniper, swiper, viper, wiper •bagpiper • sandpiper •bopper, chopper, copper, cropper, Dopper, dropper, hopper, improper, Joppa, poppa, popper, proper, shopper, stopper, swapper, topper, whopper •stomper • prosper • bebopper •teenybopper • grasshopper •clodhopper • sharecropper •name-dropper • eavesdropper •window-shopper • doorstopper •show-stopper •gawper, pauper, torpor, warper

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prosper be fortunate or successful XV; trans. XVI. — (O)F. prospérer or L. prosperāre, f. prosper, prosperus doing well or successfully.
So prosperity XIII. — (O)F. — L. prosperous XV. — F. † prospereus.

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