Eule, Julian N. (1949–1997)

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EULE, JULIAN N. (1949–1997)

Julian N. Eule was an exceptionally successful classroom teacher in the law schools at Temple University (1977–1984) and the University of California, Los Angeles (1984–1997). His enthusiasm and ebullience stimulated and challenged his colleagues and students and enlivened his constitutional law scholarship. Those writings centered on three concerns vital to representative government: keeping the channels open for the people's communications, keeping government actors accountable to the people, and seeking institutional strategies to protect against the subordination of groups. Eule's scholarship was not just an academic exercise; it was a quest for usable principles to make American democracy work. In striving for that high purpose he insisted on testing his arguments against the facts of American political life. Even during his last illness, he gave energy and hope to everyone around him. His gallantry in the face of adversity is a lesson for democracy's advocates throughout the legal profession.

Kenneth L. Karst


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