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sper·ma·tid / ˈspərməˌtid/ • n. Biol. an immature male sex cell formed from a spermatocyte that can develop into a spermatozoon without further division. DERIVATIVES: sper·ma·ti·dal / ˌspərməˈtīdl/ adj.

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spermatid One of four haploid cells formed during the second reduction-division of meiosis in male animals. Without further division they undergo cytoplasmic changes and condensation of the nucleus to give rise to spermatozoa. This process is called spermiogenesis.

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spermatid A nonmotile cell, produced during spermatogenesis, that subsequently differentiates into a mature spermatozoon. Four spermatids are formed after two meiotic divisions of a primary spermatocyte and therefore contain the haploid number of chromosomes.

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