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Clematis (family Ranunculaceae) An anomalous genus in the family, comprising plants which have a woody, liane habit and opposite, compound leaves whose stalks or tendrils twine to support the climbing plants. The flowers usually have 4 petaloid perianth segments, and long, plumed styles that aid in the wind dispersal of achenes. There are about 230 species, most in the northern temperate zone and a few in the African mountains; many are cultivated for their flowers or foliage.


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clem·a·tis / ˈklemətəs; kləˈmatəs/ • n. a climbing plant (genus Clematis) of the buttercup family that bears white, pink, or purple flowers and feathery seeds.


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clematis Genus of perennial, mostly climbing shrubs found worldwide. Many have attractive deep blue, violet, white, pink or red flowers or flower clusters. The leaves are usually compound. Family Ranunculaceae.


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clematis XVI. — L. clēmatis — Gr. klēmatís, f. klêma vine-branch.