American water spaniel

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spaniel •Ethel • lethal • brothel • betrothal •Cavell, cavil, gavel, gravel, ravel, travel •Havel, larval, marvel, Marvell, rondavel •bedevil, bevel, devil, dishevel, kevel, level, revel, split-level •daredevil • she-devil • eye level •naval, navel •coeval, evil, Khedival, medieval, primeval, retrieval, shrieval, upheaval •civil, drivel, shrivel, snivel, swivel •carnival • Percival • perspectival •festival • aestival (US estival) •adjectival, arrival, deprival, genitival, imperatival, infinitival, outrival, relatival, revival, rival, substantival, survival •archival •grovel, hovel, novel •oval •approval, removal •Lovell, shovel •interval • serval • narwhal •coequal, equal, prequel, sequel •bilingual, lingual, monolingual, multilingual •rorqual • Hywel •Daniel, spaniel

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span·iel / ˈspanyəl/ • n. a dog of a breed with a long silky coat and drooping ears. ∎  used in similes and metaphors as a symbol of devotion or obsequiousness: I followed my uncles around as faithfully as any spaniel.

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spaniel Any of several breeds of sporting dogs that may be trained to locate and flush game, and sometimes to retrieve on command. Land spaniels include the springer, cocker, and toy breeds. Water spaniels are usually retrievers.

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spaniel XIV (spaynel). Aphetic — OF. espaigneul (mod. épagneul) :- Rom. *spāniōlūs, for Hispāniōlus Spanish, f. Hispānia Spain, *see prec

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