American Vampire

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American Vampire ★★½ 1997 (R)

Teenager Frankie (Lussauer) has been left alone while his parents are on vacation. One night on the beach, he and his friend Bogie (Hitt) meet Moondoggie (Venokur), who promises to help them party the summer away. He soon reappears with two babes (Electra and Xavier) who appear to be undead. Frankie must turn to The Big Kahuna (West) to stop the vampires. Yes, the plot strictly follows the formula, but the effects are not bad for a low-budget production; the photography is better than it needs to be; and the humor is intentional. 99m/C VHS, DVD . Trevor Lissauer, Danny Hitt, Johnny Venokur, Carmen Electra, Debora Xavier, Adam West, Sydney Lassick; D: Luis Esteban; W: Rollin Jarrett; C: Jurgen Baum, Goran Paviceric. VIDEO

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American Vampire

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