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Cassano d'Adda (käs-sä´nō däd´dä), town (1991 pop. 16,260), Lombardy, N Italy, on the Adda River. It is an agricultural and market center. At Cassano d'Adda the French under Vendôme defeated the imperial forces under Prince Eugene of Savoy in 1705 (see Spanish Succession, War of the). The town is also the site of the victory (1799) of the Russians under Suvarov over the French under Moreau during the French Revolutionary Wars.

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Adda (äd´dä), river, 194 mi (312 km) long, rising in the Rhaetian Alps, N Italy, and flowing SW through Lake Como, then S into the Po River near Cremona. Its upper course furnishes much electric power; the lower river irrigates the Lombard plain. Many battles have been fought along its course, notably the Battle of Lodi (1796).