Maritime Territory

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Maritime Territory or Primorsky Kray (prēmôr´skē krī), administrative division (1992 pop. 2,309,000), c.64,900 sq mi (168,100 sq km), Russian Far East, between China (Manchuria or the Northeast) in the west and the Sea of Japan in the east. Vladivostok is the capital. The population (constituting 50% of the people of the Russian Far East) is predominantly Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian, with small indigenous ethnic groups. The territory's coastal mountain range contains coal, iron ore, lead, zinc, lignite, tin, and silver. Fisheries (salmon and sardines) are located along the shore. An agricultural plain with millet and rice crops extends along the Chinese border. The Trans-Siberian RR links Vladivostok with Ussuriysk, the territory's other major city. For history of the Maritime Territory, see Russian Far East.

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Primorsky Kray: see Maritime Territory, Russia.