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Southwark, diocese of. The see, founded in 1905, is roughly conterminous with Greater London south of the Thames, with east and mid-Surrey; an area originally under Winchester, but after 1877 under Rochester. Notable bishops have been Cyril Garbett (1919–32) and Mervyn Stockwood (1959–81). Under Stockwood and his successive suffragan bishops of Woolwich, John Robinson (1959–69) and David Shepherd (1969–75), the diocese was regarded as avant-garde in many ecclesiastical fields, pastoral ministry, liturgical worship, and popularization of radical theology. Many claimed that ‘South Bank religion’ led the way in modernizing the Church of England. The cathedral is the former Augustinian priory church of St Mary Overie, founded in 1106 and the parish church after the dissolution. It is predominantly Early English in style with 19th-cent. renovation.

Revd Dr William M. Marshall

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