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Salford •multi-layered •beard, weird •greybeard (US graybeard) •bluebeard • Iliad • Olympiad • myriad •period •hamadryad, jeremiad, semi-retired, underwired, undesired, unexpired, uninspired •coward, Howard, underpowered, unpowered •froward •leeward, steward •gourd, Lourdes, self-assured, uncured, uninsured, unobscured, unsecured •scabbard, tabard •halberd • starboard •unremembered • tribade • cupboard •unencumbered, unnumbered •good-natured, ill-natured •Richard • pilchard • pochard • orchard •unstructured • uncultured •standard, sub-standard •unconsidered • unhindered •unordered • Stafford • Bradford •Sandford, Sanford, Stanford •Hartford, Hertford •Bedford, Redford •Telford • Wexford • Chelmsford •Clifford • Pickford • Guildford •Linford • Mitford • Hereford •Longford • Oxford • Watford •Crawford • Salford • Rutherford •haggard, laggard •niggard • unsugared • sluggard •unmeasured • uninjured • tankard •becard • bewhiskered • unconquered •drunkard


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Salford (sŏl´fərd, sôl´–), city and metropolitan borough (1991 pop. 96,525), NW England, located in the Manchester metropolitan area on the Irwell River. Salford was long an important textile center; many Port of Manchester docks were located in the confines of the city. Some of the former docklands are now the site of the Lowry Center, a huge complex of galleries, theaters, and other facilities. The city also has an unusual number of parks and recreation grounds. Predominant industries include chemicals, plastics, and electronic equipment. Made a free town in 1230, Salford also included the town of Manchester in the Middle Ages. The Univ. of Salford specializes in science and technology.