Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes (mĬl´tən kēnz´), borough and unitary authority (2011 pop. 248,821), S central England. Milton Keynes was designated one of the new towns in 1967 to alleviate overpopulation in London, and the borough's population is largely that of that town. It is the seat of the Open Univ.; students there receive instruction by correspondence and through the media. Bletchley Park, Britain's code-breaking center during World War II, also is there; it is now a museum.

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Milton Keynes Town in Buckinghamshire, s central England. A new town, it was designed on a grid pattern by Richard Llewelyn-Davies in 1967. Milton Keynes is the headquarters of the Open University. The economy is based on retail and light industries. Pop. (1994) 188,447.