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cliff / klif/ • n. a steep rock face, esp. at the edge of the sea: a path along the top of rugged cliffs | [as adj.] the cliff face. DERIVATIVES: cliff·like / -ˌlīk/ adj. cliff·y adj.

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cliffbiff, cliff, glyph, if, kif, miff, niff, quiff, riff, skew-whiff, skiff, sniff, spliff, stiff, tiff, whiff •mischief • handkerchief •neckerchief • kerchief • Cardiff •Radcliffe •bailiff, calif, caliph •Wyclif • Northcliffe • anaglyph •hieroglyph • tariff •serif, sheriff •midriff • hippogriff • mastiff • caitiff •plaintiff • pontiff • Joseph

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cliff XII. OE. clif = OS. (Du.) klif. OHG. klep, ON. klif :- Gmc. klibam; of unkn. orig.

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