Clifford's Really Big Movie

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Clifford's Really Big Movie ★★½ 2004 (G)

Animated tale of TV's lovably oversized canine hero, Clifford (Ritter), and normalsized friends Cleo the poodle (Summer) and TBone the mutt (Mitchell) who take to the road after the Big Red Dog mistakenly thinks his large appetite is causing his owners to go broke. The trio join up with a traveling carnival populated by plenty of childdelighting characters. Clifford revives the struggling show and becomes a star, all in the hope that the act will help him win a lifetime supply of his fave snack Tummy Yummies. Mildly evil doggietreat tycoon (Goodman) has other plans for Clifford, however, and plots to kidnap the dog. Extremely gentle story and nice message especially suitable for younger viewers; older watchers won't find much here. 73m/C VHS, DVD. D: Robert Ramirez; W: Robert Ramirez, Rhett Reese; M: Jody Gray; V: John Ritter, Wayne Brady, Jenna Elfman, John Goodman, Kel Mitchell, Judge Reinhold, Kath Soucie, Cree Summer, Grey DeLisle, Wilmer Valderrama, Earl Boen, Teresa Ganzel, Jess Harnell, Ernie Hudson, Oren Williams, Cam(eron) Clarke.