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camberabba, blabber, dabber, grabber, jabber, stabber, yabber •Alba, Galbaamber, camber, caramba, clamber, Cochabamba, gamba, mamba, Maramba, samba, timbre •Annaba, arbor, arbour, barber, Barbour, harbour (US harbor), indaba, Kaaba, Lualaba, Pearl Harbor, Saba, Sabah, Shaba •sambar, sambhar •rebbe, Weber •Elba •Bemba, December, ember, member, November, Pemba, September •belabour (US belabor), caber, labour (US labor), neighbour (US neighbor), sabre (US saber), tabor •chamber • bedchamber •antechamber •amoeba (US ameba), Bathsheba, Bourguiba, Geber, Sheba, zariba •cribber, dibber, fibber, gibber, jibba, jibber, libber, ribber •Wilbur •limber, marimba, timber •winebibber •calibre (US caliber), Excalibur •briber, fibre (US fiber), scriber, subscriber, Tiber, transcriber •clobber, cobber, jobber, mobber, robber, slobber •ombre, sombre (US somber) •carnauba, catawba, dauber, Micawber •jojoba, Manitoba, October, sober •Aruba, Cuba, Nuba, scuba, tuba, tuber •Drouzhba • Toowoomba • Yoruba •Hecuba

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cam·ber / ˈkambər/ • n. a slightly convex or arched shape of a road or other horizontal surface: the deck beams are curved for the camber of the deck. ∎  the slight sideways inclination of the front wheels of a motor vehicle. ∎  the extent of curvature of a section of an airfoil. DERIVATIVES: cam·bered adj.

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camber. Very shallow, scarcely perceptible upward curve, often apparent on the underside of collar-and-tie beams in a truss. A camber-arch is therefore the soffit of a ‘flat’ arch of brick rubbers achieved by using a camber-strip as a support for the intrados during construction.

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camber XVII. — OF. cambre, dial. var. of OF. chambre arched :- L. camurus curved inwards.
So as vb. XVII.

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