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col·lar / ˈkälər/ • n. 1. a band of material around the neck of a shirt, dress, coat, or jacket, either upright or turned over and generally an integral part of the garment. ∎  a band of leather or other material put around the neck of a domestic animal, esp. a dog or cat. ∎  a colored marking resembling a collar around the neck of a bird or other animal. ∎  a heavy rounded part of the harness worn by a draft animal, which rests at the base of its neck on the shoulders. 2. a restraining or connecting band, ring, or pipe in machinery. 3. Bot. the part of a plant where the stem joins the roots. • v. 1. [tr.] put a collar on. 2. [tr.] inf. seize, grasp, or apprehend (someone): police collared the culprit. ∎  approach aggressively and talk to (someone who wishes to leave): he collared a departing guest for some last words. DERIVATIVES: col·lared adj. [in comb.] a fur-collared jacket. col·lar·less adj.

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collarbeguiler, compiler, Delilah, filer, Isla, miler, reviler, smiler, styler, tiler, Tyler •idler •stifler, trifler •recycler • Kreisler • profiler •stockpiler • freestyler • Rottweiler •ayatollah, choler, collar, corolla, dollar, dolour (US dolor), Hezbollah, holler, scholar, squalor, wallah, Waller, white-collar •cobbler, gobbler •Doppler, poplar •ostler •brawler, caller, crawler, drawler, faller, forestaller, hauler, installer, mauler, Paula, stonewaller, trawler •warbler • dawdler • footballer •reed-warbler •fowler, growler, howler, prowler, scowler •Angola, barbola, bipolar, bowler, bronchiolar, canola, carambola, circumpolar, coaler, Coca-Cola, cola, comptroller, consoler, controller, Ebola, eidola, extoller, Finola, Gorgonzola, granola, Hispaniola, kola, Lola, lunisolar, mandola, molar, multipolar, Ndola, patroller, payola, pianola, polar, roller, Savonarola, scagliola, scroller, sola, solar, stroller, tombola, Tortola, troller, Vignola, viola, Zola •ogler •teetotaller (US teetotaler) •potholer • steamroller • logroller •roadroller •boiler, broiler, Euler, oiler, spoiler, toiler •potboiler

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collar. Transverse horizontal straight, cambered, or cranked timber connecting pairs of cruck-blades or rafters in a position above their feet and below the apex of the roof, also called a collar-beam, span-beam, spar-piece, top-beam, or wind-beam, thus a collar-beam roof or collar-roof has collars used in its construction. A collar-or arch-brace is a structural timber to stiffen a roof-truss. An extended collar extends beyond its principal to a gable-wall in roofs with large gables, often with the lower part of the principal omitted. A collar-plate, collar-purlin, or crown-plate is a horizontal timber plate resting on collars to tie trusses together, set above a crown-post.

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collar XIII (various techn. uses from XVII). ME. coler — AN. coler, OF. colier (mod. collier) :- L. collāre, f. collum neck; see -AR. The sp. was early assim. to the L.
Hence as vb. lay hold on (first in wrestling) XVI.

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