Aughrim, battle of

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Aughrim, battle of, 1691. The battle of the Boyne in July 1690 did not end the conflict in Ireland. The Jacobites held Limerick and Galway and much territory west of the Shannon. The task of subduing them was left to William's Dutch commander, Ginkel, who took Athlone on 30 June 1691 and crossed the Shannon. The Jacobites, under the command of Saint-Ruth, a French nobleman, dug in near Aughrim, defended by bogs, streams, and stone walls. On 12 July Ginkel, with just over 20,000 men, launched his attack against the same number. Heavy fighting continued all day but after Saint-Ruth had been killed the Jacobites broke, losing guns and ammunition. Galway surrendered later in July, Limerick in October.

J. A. Cannon

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